Chelsea Internet Instructions

(members only)

  1. Log in using your member number and password:  Click Here
  2. Chelsea Login Screen should appear asking for the following information:
    • Member Number—(POA number plus 1 for men or 2 for woman.  Do Not add a hyphen.
    • Password—Use 1234 for the first time and then you can change it later to your own.
  3. Profile screen will appear allowing you to do the following:
    • Change password from 1234 to your own.
    • Input your email address so that emails can be sent to you.
    • Once complete, click the button “Save Your Password”.
  4. At top of the screen you will see the buttons (Main / Request / Review / Booking / Profile).
    • These options should always be at the top of the screen when you log-in.
    • They allow you to do the following:
      • MAIN
        • Go back to the website.
        • Log Out
        • Return to the Welcome screen.
      • REQUEST
        • Add a request
        • Edit a request
        • Cancel a request
        • Add an event request
        • Cancel an even request
      • REVIEW
        • Review my schedule
        • Review a friend’s schedule
        • Review a tee sheet
        • Review alpha report
        • Review my requests
      • BOOKING
        • Add a booking
        • Add or delete a player
        • Cancel a booking
      • PROFILE
        • Make changes to your profile (such as email address)
  • Click “add a request” and follow the instructions until a confirmation number is issued.
    • (If you do not get a confirmation number, your request has not been accepted)